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Warehouse 13

Ever heard of Warehouse 13? It’s a show about a government warehouse that stores everything that can’t be controlled or harnessed. It’s the job of secret agents to protect these artifacts and snag, bag and tag all the other ones in the world. Which sometimes leads them into dangerous situations. Myka and Pete (the agents who preform the snagging) are always getting into trouble. Here is a pic.

Cladia Donovan (far left) then is Artie Nielsen then is Myka Bering then is Lena then is Pete Latimer.


Movie Theaters

Me and my dad decided to go out to watch the new movie, Beautiful Creatures, at the theater. So me and my dad looked on line for the movie times. We found THEIR site and saw the movie time was 6:30. We get there at around 6:20 and buy our tickets. then we go to the ticket guy and he gives us a weird look and says they aren’t done cleaning our theater yet. And that we’ll have to come back in a about ten mins. So we wait… and wait… and wait… then we go back. And he gives us another weird look and tells us it’s gonna be another ten mins. We both groan (lol) and walk away. Dad looks at our tickets and he realizes that our tickets say 7:10 showing! We go up to the ticket-giver and tell them we asked for the 6:30 showing. They tell us that there is no 6:30 showing! We tell them it was on their website and they say that they “are not affiliated” with their own website! We asked for a refund and they gave it to us but we were PISSED! I was so annoyed! Why would they not have the right time on their website? Well I gotta go so, see ya.


I need some vid ideas. I have no idea what to make my next video about! I need some help. WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I MAKE? A documentary? An animated film? A romance? An adventure? I’m going to have a vote and which ever wins will be the genre I make my next vid. The candidates are: documentary, animated (I’m not sure if I can but I’ll try.), romance, comedy, action, horror and sci-fi. Vote in the comments. See ya!

My Videos

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been working on a little video. I learned that I can’t upload them to my blog without paying a monthly fee so I’m gonna get a youtube account and post links to them! I have my vegetarian video to show you and a new rat one!

Sherlock bbc

Ok so one of my all time favorite shows is Sherlock bbc. It’s obviously a based on Sherlock Holmes the news paper thing in like the 18 hundreds. But one of the thing I really like about it is that it’s set in the 21st century! And the actors are just awesome! The guy who plays bilbo in the hobbit plays Watson in Sherlock! Oh and I love the actor who plays Sherlock he’s just awesome! You know ”love” in a awesome actor kind of way. His name is Benedict! Isn’t that a kind of eggs?


Anther GREAT movie is The Hobbit. Based off the book. I LOVED it! The story is great and so is the cinematography! The actor who plays Bilbo Baggins is awesome! Speaking of him I have to do a Sherlock review! Anyway the movie was awesome, I can’t wait for the second to come out! That reminds me I HAVE to read the book!


So a AWESOME movie is Life of Pi. It’s about an Indian boy that grows up on a zoo and then when he’s older he has to leave India and go to Canada. He and his family get on a boat to Canada but in the middle of the journey there is a huge storm and the boat sinks. Pi (the boy) gets on a life boat with an adult Bengal tiger. So In a nutshell it’s about an Indian boy who gets stuck on a life boat with a tiger. The cinematography is gorgeous! And it ties spiritual aspects with animals! Oh and the tiger’s name is Richard Parker! Cause the man who sold him to the zoo named him thirsty but the paperwork got switched and now the tiger is Richard Parker and the man is Thirsty! Lolz!



Another good tv show is charmed! It’s about three sisters that find out they are witches when the youngest moves back in. You guys should really check it out!


Anyone out there ever seen Bones? Well if you haven’t you must see it! It’s about ,super rational and smart, doctor Temperance Brennan ( aka bones) and, awesome, F.B.I agent Seely Booth solving awesomely gross murders! They make the best crime solving team ever! Oh and I almost forgot! The squints! They are all the awesome people who help Bones and Booth solve the murders! YOU MUST SEE IT!!!!!👍👍👍👍


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