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Hey, long time no see! I’ve been getting into photography a lot and I thought I might post some my favorite photos I’ve taken! Before I get into this I just wanted to say that I edit most if not all of my photos. The software I use is adobe lightroom mobile incase you were wondering.






All the Little Things

For lunch today me and my dad took a trip down to whole foods. And for my drink I chose a bottle of iced tea (don’t worry. I’m going somewhere with this). After I finished the tea I looked at the bottle and thought “you know what? This is a really nice bottle.” But I left it at that. Later in the evening we watched The Book Thief (in movie form) it was fanomanal by the way, but on with the bottle story. I’m not quite sure what it was about the movie. Maybe something about how back then (the movie was set during ww2) you could lose everything so fast so u better appreciate the little things while you had them or something. I dont know. Anyway I looked at the bottle again and the idea struck me to write down little things that I appreciate in life and fold them up and put them in the bottle. I even made a new label that says “All The Little Things” in fancy letters. I have yet to glue/tape it on though. Don’t rush me. Maybe I’ll post a pic later. Big maybe. You know how lazy I’ve been when it comes to posting. I just haven’t been able to get those creative juices flowing if u know what I mean. That’s it. See ya.

I’m back!!!!

So schools out in a week and I seriously can’t wait. And guess what else it means, besides a reprieve form the horrible free daycare. I HAVE TIME TO POST!!!! So get ready cause I. Am. Back. Baby!

The Way of the world

Quick story for you! I was at an Asian store in my neighborhood this morning and I was looking for some liquid soap. You know, the kind that you can pour into soap bottles with pumps? So I walk up to a woman (she was also Asian if you were wondering) stacking fruit and ask her “Where would I find liquid soap?” She looked at me and said something in Chinese (I don’t know for sure that it was Chinese) and then lead me over to a man who was ringing items up for another customer. So I asked him “Do you know where I would find liquid soap?”
“Liquid soap?” He said, clearly not understanding. “Yeah. Liquid soap.” I said. He said something in Chinese to the other employe and she lead me over to a back room muttering “manager” in English. A tall middle-aged woman walked out and asked if she oculd help me, IN ENGLISH!! I then asked her about liquid soap and even she wasn’t sure what it it was and we had to exchange a serries of hand gestures until she knew what I was talking about. Once she figured it out she pointed me to the back of the store. I did find what I was looking for so that was good. I just thought that this was an interesting thing to find in a predominantly English speaking neighborhood. So there you have it! My interesting story for the day!

Hey, Guys!!! There have been some serious developments in the world of my rat pack! First of all, I may have mentioned her at some point, but there are a few new additions to the group. The first being Gypsy. I’ve had her for a while I just haven’t found the time to post about her. She’s a big albino squish rat with a little brown on her ears, nose, and the base of her tail (I know, not strictly albino). The other two newbies I’ll get to later. First of all, Iris has passed. She had cancer and a respiratory disease. This is why we got the first of the two new comers. Her name is Bailey. She is a brown berkshire (another term for the kind of markings on a rat, meaning one color except for a little white pattern on her belly). We got her while Iris was still alive so that she could have some time to settle in. We had no idea that Iris would pass just days after adopting Bailey. We thought everything was fine andy dandy until out of the blue Iris got extremely sick and died thursday morning. Angel, out of all of them, was grieving the hardest. Or at least that’s what we thought. She too got very sick and we took her to the vet immediately. the vet told us that she had a respiratory disease that causes hard nodules in the lungs that can bust open and release a flood of bacteria in times of stress (like a cage mate dying). She was prescribed with three meds and one precautionary one for the other two. Later that night we tried to give her a treat but she leapt up my dad’s arm instead of taking it. And she stayed there until my dad had to put her back in the cage. Later that night she died. And yesterday was the day that we got the third new rat. her name is Atlas and she is a black hooded (again, a term for markings). That’s pretty much all of it. See you later.


A little bit of spring for everybody!!!

The Secret Circle

I’ve been watching a new show on netflix called The Secret Circle. It’s basically about a girl who loses her mom in a fire and moves to her mom’s old town. When she does she learns she’s a witch and part of a group of witches in the town. I’m only on the third episode so I’ll tell you guys more later. See ya! 😉 


Finally another post to put in my cooking category!! When I was at my friend, Katiekat522’s, house we (me, her and her mom) made quiche! It’s was sooooooo good!! We put in ham and cheddar cheese (and eggs, but kiesh always needs eggs). The crust was the hardest part by far. It kept braking and crumbling. When we finally got it right it looked amazing! Being the generous family that they are, katiekat and her fam sent me home with the quiche. So just thought I’d share that with you guys. Here’s a pic of our gorgeous quichey goodness.

It was glorious.

Strange things in the dark.

So…. last night I was sound asleep, probably dreaming or something, when out of nowhere I heard something fall right by my right shoulder. My bed is kinda in a corner so my right shoulder is kinda up against a wall and on that wall I have a poster of all the snakes of my state. Well in the middle of the night this poster decides to fall and it freaked me out. I kinda curled into a little ball and I was thinking stuff like “what the crap was that?” “is it out to get me?” “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” I even turned over and didn’t notice that a whole poster that had been on the wall was now in my bed. Now, waking up and realizing what happened, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Maybe I was just tired. Lol. Where there’s my strange-falling-poster-nightinme story for ya. Hope you enjoyed!

School has indeed started.

Yes. School has started again. For a brief explanation: I like all my teachers. I don’t have any classes with any of my friends. And I got a new rat! Her name is Gypsy and she is adorable. She even gives kisses! The weather around here has been so weird lately. Freezing in the morning so you put on long pants and other cold weather gear then it warms up during the day and your still wearing your long jeans and sweater! *sigh*
I started reading a new book series! It is The Mortal Instruments and it is so GOOD!!!! The movie just came out. It was good but they changed so much. If anybody saw the movie, the whole incident with the flame thrower never happened. That was a cool scene though. I’m gonna stop talking about it before I spoil the whole thing. Lol. See ya!


I cannot freaking wait for school to start. Here are my reasons.
1. well, I only really have one. That is… drumroll please… I have no life. I literally sit around at home all day and watch youtube and read buzzfeed (you guys should really check out buzzfeed btw). I need something to keep me from going insane!!! No, blogging does not count. I need time away from my computer. Unfortunately I have nothing else to do. Besides cleaning my room which sucks. I actually just got back from sleep away camp abut a week ago. Now I’m doing a stay-cation kinda thing where basically I just sit at home all day unless one of my friends takes me somewhere. That is also one of the reasons I haven’t been posting so much lately (I know, I know, all the excuses). I have nothing to post about and I feel like just posting about my everyday life is kinda narcissistic. Which is basically what I’m doing right now! Way to go me!! I have nothing else to say at the moment so… uh… See ya.

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