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I love my mom’s pandora. She gets a ton of awesome songs and she can skip songs when she wants. With mine (on my ipad) It only let me skip two songs! If you don’t know Pandora is an app that you can get that, should, let you “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” songs. It remember what you like and don’t like and it plays music accordingly. If you “thumbs down” a song it stops the song and plays a different one that it thinks you’ll like more. Anyway, back to the point, mine won’t lit me stop songs anymore!! I “thumbs down” them and nothing happens! I assume it records what I thumbs down but I don’t know. I’m going to go buy some music on iTunes. See ya.


I’m Freaking Obsessed

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been looking at books on iBooks. There are so many good ones! And they are all in the same place. Just makes everything better. I bought the first five chapters to Siege and Storm (the next in the shadow and bone series) and now I can’t stop downloading samples and buying books! I love fantasy. A different world to escape to. Realistic fiction just seems to add to your problems because you know that it could really happen. I’m also working on my novels more :-). I actually am writing a realistic fiction novel right now but I keep having the urge to make a fairy pop out of nowhere or one of the characters show up riding a unicorn or something. Lol. Why does life have to be so dull all the time? Why can’t a freakin fairy pop out of nowhere or someone ride a unicorn? I like to write because I have all the power. I hate it when a character does or says something when you want them to say or do something else! Now I have all the power and can make them do what ever I want! MWAHAHAHA!!!! Well back to writing! Or reading. I don’t know which!

I just finished the most amazing book of all time. It’s called Shadow and Bone. It’s about a world in which magical animals and people exist. These, I guess you would call them witches, are called Grishas. Funny thing is that Grisha actually means Greg (like the name) in russian! I don’t think the author was planning on someone who knows a little russian to be reading it! But Grisha does sound cool so I can see why she chose it as a name for the most powerful beings in the world. Back to the book. The main character is a girl named Alina. She’s just a normal girl, not a Grisha or anything, but she was an orphan. At her orphanage she meets a boy who’s name is russian (i can’t remember how it’s spelled) his name is long so they just call him Mal. They become best friends and the book is mainly about her and finding that she is a Grisha, and a very powerful one at that, and her struggles with her power and what she wants to use it for. The Darkling (another very powerful Grisha) tells her that if hey combine their powers they can rid the world of an expanse of darkness called the Shadow Fold. When ever people try to cross it (they have to so they can get stuff from the other side) lives are lost to the Volkra. The Volkra are huge bat like things that like to eat humans and Grishas. Anyway the Darkling wants her to help him get rid of it and I don’t want to spoil the book so I will try to stop talking about it now. She had to decide whether she wants to use her power for the good of the people or for her and the Darkling’s own power and control.

I am ashamed to admit it but I haven’t read all the way trough a novel in I don’t know how long. I’ve had school work and blogging (yeah! it’s all your fault! just kidding.) and other electronic stuff. I know I’m a horrible person for not being able to sit down and read for a bit but I’m a busy girl! I was amazed by the (I’m going to be cheesy and call it power) power the book had! The author was able to make you go from not-liking a character to liking them to not-liking them again! Usually I make a decision about who I like and don’t like in a book and stick to it but this was different. I was up tossing and turning last night for almost an hour after finishing the book just thinking and mulling it over in my head. The way the author could play with your emotions! I want to become a writer some day but I can never get around to sitting down and finishing a novel. I love fiction. I just love being able to escape into another world for an hour maybe an day or two! Not worrying about what’s happening in real life. Just worrying about weather So-and-so is going to fall in love with So-and-so or if they will make it to wherever they’re going in time. My heart was literally pounding in my chest during almost the whole second half of the the book! I want to be able to sweep people away to a land of mystery and adventure. There worries about work and school forgotten. Words are able to do that like nothing else. When watching a movie your still aware of the room around, you the couch or chair beneath you, the light flashing on the tv screen. When your reading a book your just absorbed into it. Nothing else matters. I think it’s something about having to process the letters into words. It’s still magical. Things can be dramatized in books the can never be in reality. Everybody says their sick of the drama between them and their friends and everything but I think that everybody wants a little drama. Just to make life interesting. I just thought I should share this little burst of inspiration with your guys. I’ll try to get around to finishing one of those novels sooner or later! See ya.


Some stuff I drew!

Here’s some stuff I drew with a new app I found called Paper 53! I really like the app. I’m usually not good at drawing on the iPad but I think some of the stuff I’ve done is pretty good! It really brings out your creative side. Humans need to create! It’s that simple! I never really realized until I got the app! I’ve got all this pent up creative energy! I need to let loose, man! Well here are the pics. I hope you like them!



This one is supposed to be a lion roaring. I just couldn’t get the mane right! See ya!

Me and my mom are trading rooms in our apartment and I’m getting a loft in my new room! It was totally her idea. I can’t wait! We went to Ikea and picked it out. I’m gonna have a couch and a bookshelf underneath the bed! It’s gonna be so COOL! Ikea is the best store for home renovation and stuff like that. We picked out an awesome loft and are gonna go back to get the couch and bookshelf. We also got a swingy storage thing with tons of little compartments! And a light to put above the bed. The box for the bed didn’t fit in our car so our friend’s going to pick it up in his truck. Ikea is so AWESOME! They have everything! I can’t wait to go back. Ikea is also Swedish which just makes it all the more cool cause I’m part Swedish! And the kids play area is called smöland (pronounced small land) which is where my great great grandfather was born! Here are some pics.

this is the bed I’m getting. Just with out the desk underneath.

The Ikea logo.


Wow. There so much in my neighborhood that I’ve never seen before! Today me and my mom went to a little Indian grocery store just a few blocks from my house! There was so much interesting stuff! I’m not sure if I saw a single piece of meat! And almost everything looked really good! Me and mom got a bag of potato things that are just like potato chips only in noodle form. They’re crunchy and salty and still not all that good for you but who cares? So much stuff to try and explore. See ya!

Warehouse 13

Ever heard of Warehouse 13? It’s a show about a government warehouse that stores everything that can’t be controlled or harnessed. It’s the job of secret agents to protect these artifacts and snag, bag and tag all the other ones in the world. Which sometimes leads them into dangerous situations. Myka and Pete (the agents who preform the snagging) are always getting into trouble. Here is a pic.

Cladia Donovan (far left) then is Artie Nielsen then is Myka Bering then is Lena then is Pete Latimer.


Ever heard of eos chapsick? I think it’s the best lip balm in the world! They’re shaped kinda like eggs and they smell so good! I try to collect them and get all the flavors. So far i have mint, raspberry, summer fruit, honeydew melon and lemon drop. I want the others! Here’s a pic of some!


Me and my dad decided to go out to watch the new movie, Beautiful Creatures, at the theater. So me and my dad looked on line for the movie times. We found THEIR site and saw the movie time was 6:30. We get there at around 6:20 and buy our tickets. then we go to the ticket guy and he gives us a weird look and says they aren’t done cleaning our theater yet. And that we’ll have to come back in a about ten mins. So we wait… and wait… and wait… then we go back. And he gives us another weird look and tells us it’s gonna be another ten mins. We both groan (lol) and walk away. Dad looks at our tickets and he realizes that our tickets say 7:10 showing! We go up to the ticket-giver and tell them we asked for the 6:30 showing. They tell us that there is no 6:30 showing! We tell them it was on their website and they say that they “are not affiliated” with their own website! We asked for a refund and they gave it to us but we were PISSED! I was so annoyed! Why would they not have the right time on their website? Well I gotta go so, see ya.


Five Below is the best store ever! Everything there is $5 or less! And thay have some really awesome stuff! Like I got a lava lamp for five bucks! And they have the best T-shirts! I got one with a beautiful blue lepord face on it! FIVE BELOW IS THE BEST! See ya guys tomorrow! This is not an ad. five below is simply awesome.

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