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Wow. There so much in my neighborhood that I’ve never seen before! Today me and my mom went to a little Indian grocery store just a few blocks from my house! There was so much interesting stuff! I’m not sure if I saw a single piece of meat! And almost everything looked really good! Me and mom got a bag of potato things that are just like potato chips only in noodle form. They’re crunchy and salty and still not all that good for you but who cares? So much stuff to try and explore. See ya!


Oh Yeah!

Whoooo! I’m still vegitarian! I havn’t eaten a single food that condones the mudering of inocent animals! Did you know pigs are smarter than dogs?! They are! GO PIGS! Hope you guy’s reconsider eating meat!


Quinoa is a grain kinda like couscous just with a little more natural flavor. I love the way my mom makes it! And tonight i tried to make it my self. I boiled a cup of water then poured in half a cup of quinoa. i let it cook with the cover on the pot, the stove was set on low for the cooking part, for about 15 mins. it turned out alright! Not as good as mom’s but good! I think it needs salt but that’s just me. And the brand I used is trūRoots. Happy cooking!

Vegetarian video

Working on making an awesome vegetarian video. I’m not done but I’ll post it when I am!

Pig pic

Here’s another cute pig pic! Tell me which you like better!


Again, how could you chop up and eat that little face?!


Also meat production causes more global warming than all the cars and trucks combined. And animals feel as much as we do. So how do we justify killing them (in extremely disturbing ways) and making them watch their loved ones and family members die?! Yes animals do have loved ones. So go veggie! If you want to learn more go to


How can you chop up and eat that little face!?
And every vegetarian saves 50 animals a year! That’s thousands in a life time!


So today I was at church and I found a little book type thing titled “25 reasons to try vegetarian.” I picked it up and inside there were some VERY gruesome pics of poor little animals and the conditions they are in when being fattened up for slaughter! I’m not gonna depress you with all the details on that. so I’m just gonna say that I’m gonna try vegetarian for at least a week! Hopefully blogging about it will help me ignor those powerful meat cravings! And think about becoming vegetarian! The poor piglets! We can be veggie eaters together!! (ok so that was really cheesy but who cares?!)

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