Hey guys, just wanted to tell you what my blog is all about!! And some stuff about me. If you are here for the first time there are some things you should know. 1: I use A LOT of exclamation points!!! 2: I love it when people comment, like, follow, ect. I think that’s all that you need to know right this minute. Anyway I love to blog. I have weekly stuff like Pic of the week and Song of the week (Both come out on monday) and Fun Fact of the week (comes out on tuesday). Feel free to tell me if there is other of the week stuff that you want me to do. Feel free to tell me pretty much anything (blog related) I always like feed back. Some times I also make videos to show the world so check out my YouTube channel, my name is rattieloverforever (on youtube). I absolutely LOVE rats! You can probably tell I’m a little strange. I have five rats, one mouse, one lizard and one turtle. I love animals. In some ways they are much better than humans. They’re not destroying the world with pollution or murdering each other for power! I can’t stress this enough, comment, like, follow please! I need to know your out there reading this cause, as I’ve said a billion times, I won’t blog if no one reads!! Thanks for reading! See ya!