Welcome! I’m just gonna write what this blog is generally about and what I really want to happen. I started my blog because… well… I guess I just want to try it and see what it’s like. So far it’s been great! This blog is kinda about everything! Stuff I think is really awesome. And I hope you all think it awesome 2! I really want to see what you guys think about some of the stuff I post so please, please comment! I’ll be frequently asking you guys questions like, what you think the best pet is and stuff like that. Also I want you to spread the word about this. Tell people. I blog because I want to share my opinions on things with the world. And please keep an open mind. I love rats so I think it’s obvious that I’m kinda strange. To get around my site you should check out the posts in each catagory.(they are at the top of the screen) And be sure to check out the New Stuff area-thingy! (at the bottom of the screen. just scroll down a little.) To see a picture when it’s not kinda flat click on the post then the pic will be normal. Well I hope you enjoy reading this. See ya. 😉